Let’s face it: It’s not easy to practice in a vacuum. Although many Integral practices can be performed alone, a community of practice enriches the process. Participating in a spiritual community can provide a caring network of accountability and support. Sometimes when we change, it is only when we experience ourselves in a new way in our group setting that the change becomes known to us as fully real and believable.

Because explicitly Integral consciousness is so new, most sanghas, or “communities of practice,” are traditional. More and more people are forming groups explicitly interested in Integral Life Practice.

Integral Life Practice Online

Integral Life is Integral Institute’s for-profit sister organization, which offers online education, seminars, products, and other public offerings on Integral theory, Integral culture, Integral life, and Integral practice.

Founded by Ken Wilber, Integral Institute is the world’s premier organization for Integral research and applications. This is the organization through which Ken, Terry, Marco, and Adam first conceived, taught, and refined Integral Life Practice.

Below, we’ve linked to the websites of Integral Life Practice groups from all over the world. (Please let us know if you have organized your own local group! And please be aware that we have not vetted each of these groups, so they are not “recommended” per se; they are listed for informational purposes only.

North America

The Boulder Center for Integral Living

Bay Area Integral

Dallas Integral

Seattle Integral

The Integral New York City Salon

Santa Monica Center for Integral Living

Toronto ILP Group

Indianapolis Integral Life Practice Group


Integral Europe

The London Integral Circle

The London Integral Life Practice Group

The Brighton (England) Integral Salon

Integral Salon Northwest (England)

Integral Forum of the German Speaking Countries

Asociación Integral España (Integral Association of Spain)


Integral Japan

Sydney Integral Centre

Sydney Integral

Integral Korea