Ken Wilber, the developer of an integral “theory of everything” that embraces the truths of all the world’s great psychological, scientific, philosophical, and spiritual traditions, is the author of over twenty books. He is the founder of Integral Institute, a think-tank for studying issues of science and society, with outreach through local and online communities such as Integral Naked, Integral University, and Integral Spiritual Center. His personal website is

Terry Patten has been walking the path for over thirty years. As a seminar leader, coach, theorist, and practitioner, he was a key member of the team that developed Integral Life Practice with Ken Wilber. Previously he was the founder and guiding spirit behind the consciousness technology catalog, Tools For Exploration. The author of four books, Terry has guided hundreds of people in discovering and deepening their practice and in actualizing their higher potentials. He lives in San Rafael, California, where he works as a coach, consultant, writer, teacher, entrepreneur, and grassroots conservationist. His personal website is

Adam B. Leonard is an educator, business consultant, author, entrepreneur, adventurer, and, of course, ILP practitioner. He was originally trained as a Foreign Service officer at Georgetown University and went on to pioneer the discipline of integral communication in graduate school. Adam specializes in applying the integral approach to individual, team, and organizational development. He has led ILP groups at several educational institutions. Adam co-authored the Integral Life Practice Starter Kit (Integral Institute, 2005) and The Integral Operating System (Sounds True, 2005), in addition to co-editing The Simple Feeling of Being (Shambhala, 2004). His personal website is

Marco Morelli is a freelance writer and poet. He was a member of the start-up team that launched Integral Naked, along with many other groundbreaking projects at Integral Institute. He served as creative director for Ken Wilber’s book The Integral Vision. His previous books include Rubén’s Orphans: Anthology of Contemporary Nicaraguan Poetry, Mirrors In Love, and The Joy of Nihilism & Other Poems. His personal website and blog can be found at